Coolest Cottage, EVER!!!

Okay, so it's been nearly a year since I blogged. As usual, I've been busy. "Doing what," you say? We'll save that for a different day. For now, let's remember to learn from mistakes,  forgive yourself (and others) quickly, and celebrate success! I have a few REALLY cool things to share. Today, I want to share a look at my new space. Check it out!!!

Clearly, this is my rad living room. Well, part of it anyhow. Also, this is the most comfortable couch on the planet. 

My super rad coffee table made of a piece of driftwood from the Arkansas River topped with fossilized stone. 

And here's the another part of my living room! It's super loooong, so it's hard to get the entire space in one picture. This area I intend to use as kind of an office type area. Or maybe not. Who knows?

So, the kitchen and living room are divided by this cute little wall. It blocks the sunlight, but whatever. I like living in cave. :)

Yes, you would be correct in assuming this is the kitchen. It has a shit ton of storage space. So much that I can't even use it all! My washer and dryer are just to the left of the cabinets. I think you can see part of the washer in this picture. How cool, a cottage with a washer and dryer? 

I only looked at this space once before signing the lease. I saw it and immediately knew I had to have it. It was perfect for me!!! Somehow, I managed to completely look over the shelf that was already installed that works perfectly for my stainless steel pots and pans. 

This is part of my bedroom. I stalked the shit out of this comforter at Target for about 3 months. A few weeks back, before I even moved, I found it on clearance!!! Marked down from $75.00 to $20.00!! I snagged it up! And wouldn't you know, I already had these gorgeous purple drapes from a previous house in Indianapolis. It looks gorgeous!! 

It also doesn't hurt that the walls are a gorgeous green (one of my favorite colors!!!). It's a total Ange Cave. Comfy, cute, and cozy. Don't mind the mismatched rug....

One of the best things about my new place, is the amount of build in storage. This space fits ALL of my cds and gives me room to put decorations on the top. Although, I'm not much for knick-knack type of stuff, so for now it just has a few concert memorabilia, a few pictures, and some other random things. 

Again, another view of my bedroom and it's massive amounts of storage space. This closet stretches the entire length of my bedroom!! There's a ton of stuff in there!!!

This is the space that separates the kitchen and living room from my bedroom and bathroom. 
Did I mention there's a ton of storage in my new space? Cause there totally is. These drawers are functioning as my linen closet and dresser right now. It works until I can find a dresser I actually want. Oh look, there's the back door, sneaking into the picture...

My bathroom is tiny!! But, thank goodness for lots of storage!!!

The door and the shelving behind it kind of blocks the bathroom a bit, so it's hard to get a picture of the whole thing. Also, those shower doors? NO. I'm going to ask if I can take them out. I think it'll really open the space up, which is desirable!

Last but not least, this is my new key hook! I always want to have a space (the same space) where I keep my keys, so I will always know where they are. The other day, I visited World Market and found this little guy. It's perfect...and know I'll always know where my keys are. 

That's just an intro to my space. I also have a private patio AND there's a shared communal area where I can try my hand at growing veggies next year. I can't wait!!! I've met all of my neighbors now, except one. I'm sure it won't take long and I'll catch him or her to introduce myself. It's such a great feeling to have my own space. 

Cheers to celebrating success!!!!


That damn pile of rocks

Shortly after we moved here, I noticed a smelly old pile of rocks at the top of our road. I took note of them and went about my business. However, for whatever reason, the rocks soon got the best of me and I had to stop and take a closer look. Here is what I saw.

Exhibit A:

So again, I went on about my life, minding my own bees waxes. Eventually though, these damn rocks got the best of me and I had to, just had to kick them over!!! Why did I feel the need to kick them over? Who knows?!?! I'm weird and I do what I want. However, to my surprise, about two weeks ago I noticed the damn pile was back!!!

Exhibit B

 Screw you, stupid person building the rock pile back. Grrrr......AGH! What was I to do??? Knock it over again, naturally.
Exhibit C

I thought for sure this would get my message across, but no. No such luck. The scumbag built the rock pile back up, yet again.

Exhibit D

I've had enough of this maniacal rock pile. This is my answer for this stupid ol', smelly ol', crusty ol' pile of rocks that haunts me.

Exhibit E

Instead of kicking over the rock pile, I decided I would leave the builder with a little message of "NO." Maybe THIS will get my point across!!!!


Old Man Moses

Our little old man Moses wasn't doing so well all weekend. He had a few ups, but mostly it was all down. He stopped eating and drinking, was really weak, and seemed confused about what he was doing, even for simple things like going outside to potty. This morning we woke up and things hadn't improved. We made the decision that we would NOT allow him to suffer. So, our Stoney boy took his last breath around 9:15 this morning. It was a very bittersweet moment.Stone was the most gentle & calm dog you could every meet. He just had a way of burrowing into your soul and stealing your heart.  Rest in peace, old man. We love you.



One of the downsides of moving to California is that I had to get rid of ALL of my houseplants. Total bummer, because I had quite a few of them. However, all that no plant having crap came to an end this week. I found a great seller to buy plants from at the Thursday Night Market in Chico. This week I came home with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR cacti!!! I don't know why in the hell I picked them, I've never been able to care for them properly. If you've never tried to care for a cactus, it's pretty tough. Don't judge or be all hateful until you try it. They're really delicate and are super picky about their pH.

Today, we went down to Chico to do some shopping and I was determined to find new pots for my new prickly friends. It took us going to S E V E N, that's right SEVEN different stores to find pots that were awesome enough for me. Whew, glad that's over! I brought the new pots home and here are the final results...

A view from the top, never to be seen again...since they now live in a giant bay window that's about SEVEN feet taller than I am.

I bought a few different varieties, for color and wishful thinking.

Yay for having plants again!!!


13 things, idiosyncracies, and such

13 things you never knew (and possibly didn't want to know, but now you are stuck reading) about me.

  1. I'm a total foodie, but I LOVE ramen noodles. They are so salty and delicious and simple.In fact, I just ate some. YUM.
  2. Moving out of Indiana was one of the most stressful, happy, scary, exciting, fear-inducing, awesome things I've ever done. (And I'm happy I did it, would do it again in a heartbeat).
  3. I love tap water. In a pilsner glass with ice.
  4. I can rarely stay awake for a movie if I'm watching it at home. They bore me to death.
  5. I cry easily, especially over weddings and births.
  6. My average length in any career field is ten years.
  7. I'd rather have the windows open than deal with air conditioning in my truck, no matter what the temperature is.
  8. Hair freaks me out and makes me want to scream. It's so gross.
  9. I curl my eyelashes and refuse to EVER put makeup on my face.
  10. I always set my alarm clock to an odd number (i.e. 7:27am).
  11. It's difficult to keep my attention, yet not difficult to tell you've completely lost me.
  12. I'd rather swim in a lake or creek than a swimming pool.
  13. I love Desperate Housewives and am super sad this is the final season.


Poison wha?????

Poison oak is our new friend. And by friend, I mean the kind you NEVER want to see, you dread their visit, and basically....wait. Not friend. Not even close to a friend.


Yeah, that's what I mean. Poison oak is our new enemy, and it is MISERABLE. Exhibit one:

That's the lower portion of my left leg. This patch is BY FAR the worst that I have. I'm thankful it's on my leg, cause anywhere above my hips and I start to have a SERIOUS melt down. Once, I was completely covered from my feet to my ears (and everywhere in between) with poison ivy and thought I would commit suicide before it went away. Two rounds of steroids, an oral prescription for atarax, two topical ointments and almost four weeks later it all went away. Thank Jebus.

Anyhow, I digress. So, now I have "the enemy" on both of my legs, my stomach, my right wrist, and two places on my back. Lindsay however, is having a hell of a time with it. She had to hike down into the canyon the other day to save one of our dogs who had wondered off, and she is slowly but surely showing new spots everyday. Her newest discovery was this morning, under her boob. YIKES!!!!


Movin' on up!

Well, it's been six months since I blogged. WHAT?!?!?! I've been busy!!!! So since it would be impossible for me to catch anyone up (like the three people that read this don't already know about my life!!!!), I will aspire to do better.

In the meantime, you should all know that we moved! I'd like to say it went off without a hitch, but I cannot do that. It was an effing disaster and I don't ever want to drive across the country again. EVER. Especially not with three spazzy-ass dogs.

Anywhoodles, here Lindsay and I are today...finding out first geocache in the Chico area!